Extremely heavy and durable planters. They’re made from incredibly strong synthetic concrete. This material is remarked by its high resistance to cracks, mechanical damage and extreme weather conditions. The planters by Terra are perfect decorations for urban and public spaces.

TeraPlast has been present on the market for almost 40 years. These flower pots are remarked by their durability, design and attractive prices. The brand is capable of creating their models in various colours and sizes. The rich experience of TeraPlast is confirmed by its highly positive reputation among interior architects and designers.

The French manufacturer and the European leader specialized in urban and floral furniture. The rich offer of planters, flower pots and benches are excellent solutions for public space creations. Atech is remarked by its unique approach to the idea of urban space.

A young­ and dynamic Polish brand known for its unusual solutions, functional urban furniture and light interior decorations. Its catalo­gue is full of fresh ideas and pictures of stylish arran­gements. Nuno’ni is marked out by its bold approach to desig­n.

One of the European leaders in the production of polyethylene planters with a 45-year history. The priority of the company is to create colourful decorations that make everyday easier. The production process is fully environment friendly and the products are 100% recyclable.

A collection of urban furniture characterized by the highest quality, aesthetics, an original form and reliability. These are modular elements, which easily adapt to the needs of specific space but also they allow for a smooth and fast implementation of natural accents to it. The possibility to create various compositions from the elements of the collection, a wide range of colours and resistance to all disturbances, are the most important features of the collection.